Restorative Cleaning ​Services

Logicor - Sheffield

Contracted by the Clegg  Group for a full delapidations restorative clean of the former Polestar Printworks in Sheffield, both internal and external.

Over three and a half tonnes of organic and non-organic matter was removed from the roof gutters, a steam clean of the full external roof canopy followed. The external cladding was cleaned using ph neutral cleaner, soft burshes and steam. All Polyester Powder Coated framework was restored using our specialist system and finished off with a hydrophobic wax coating, esuring a long lasting finish. 

Internally all cladding and roof sheeting was cleaned, including sheeting rails and purlins, the latter being vacuumed prior to a steam clean. All yellow line markings were removed from the floor surface before a full clean and polish.

Clark and Daniel were also contracted to carry out a full post build and sparkle clean. 
  1. Restorative clean
    Half/Half Cladding restoration. The main gate security office showed all the hall marks of years of traffic film and general soiling.
  2. Warehouse floor clean
    After clearing line markings from the floor space, we cleaned and polished the full warehouse floor
  3. Restorative clean
    Fire exit door before photo. The door was soiled with printers ink and general dirt over a period of ten years
  4. Restorative clean
    Fire exit door after photo. Using our specialist system we managed to restore the door and surrounding cladding back to its original condition
  5. Restorative clean
    The external fire door had suffered from years of solar degradation and other soiling
  6. Restorative clean
    After. Using our specialist system we managed to restore the door, saving the client money on a replacement
  7. Restorative clean
    Polyester Powder Coated window frames with obvious 'chalking'.
  8. Restorative clean
    The main dispatch office where signage had been erected then removed
  9. Restorative clean
    After photo of cladding restoration. Again our system proves successful
  10. Restorative clean
    Before photo of dispatch office window restoration.
  11. Restorative clean
    After photo of window restoration. Bright, crisp and most of all, presentable. Again we saved the client a lot of money on replacement costs.
  12. Restorative clean
    The main office windows had not been treated for years. This proved very difficult to restore, we do advise tenants on a cleaning programme, it would save them a lot of money once they leave a rented property
  13. Restorative clean
    Main office window frame post clean.

M & W - Reckitt Benckiser​​ 

Reckitt Benckiser were undergoing a major redevelopment of their premesis in Hull. Clark and Daniel were contracted to steam clean both old a new aspects of their offices.

During the Second World War, the original building was bombed, only a small aspect of the old building survived. A new office complex was built on to the surviving building. Our client undertook the building of a new research and development building to the rear, Clark and Daniel were tasked with the steam clean of both original office complex built by James Reckitt and the new Post War build. 
  1. Steam clean
    Half/Half shot of the original building James Reckitt built consisting mainly of Portland Stone. Carbon Sulphation was cleared using gel poultices
  2. Steam clean
    The build up of algae was a problem on certain elevations due to the close proximity of vegetation, water fall off pipes and such like. Using an algae cleaner and steam we were able to rid the stone of soiling
  3. Steam clean
    The statue took pride of place on the top of the main office complex.
  4. Steam clean
    The result of our clean, using steam alone we were able to restore it to its former glory
  5. Steam clean
    Internally certain rooms had suffered years of neglect and soiling
  6. Steam clean
    Clark and Daniel were able to restore the ceiling, clearing all detritus and soiling
  7. Steam clean
    Half/Half shot of Sandstone clean
  8. Steam clean
    Again algae was a major problem
  9. Steam clean
    the same elevation post clean
  10. Steam clean
    Portland stone sample clean for the client prior to being offered the contract

 Tradepark - K2 

Tradepark Ltd contracted Clark and Daniel to restoratively clean all elevations of their recently acquired redundant council office complex in the centre of Hull, prior to converting it into apartments, a hotel, office complex, cafes and bars and a gymnasium.

Consisting mainly of Portland stone we were tasked with the full clean of the tower and office complex running the full length of Bond Street in Hull.

Using mainly steam we were able to achieve the following results. 
  1. Main tower
    Prior to steam cleaning
  2. South facing elevation
    The south facing elevation showing signs of soiling
  3. Steam cleaning
    One of our operatives steam cleaning.
  4. Steam clean
    An idea of what 65 years without cleaning looks like
  5. Steam clean
    The same elevation post clean
  6. Steam Clean
    Capturing the state of the masonry at the top of the main tower
  7. Steam clean
    Again a successful clean
  8. Main tower
    The main tower post steam clean
  9. South facing elevation
    Post steam clean