Restorative Cleaning ​Services
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The services below are not exclusive as suggested - They can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  1. High level gutter cleaning
    Clark and Daniel now have one of the most powerful vacuum suction tools on the market.
    No ladders, no scaffold. Your gutters can be cleaned in a matter of minutes with our new gutter cleaning vacuum. This device is enabled with the latest in CCTV, you can actually see obstructions in your gutter and the results of our efforts. We can upload the results to your computer, giving you tangible evidence of the excellent results this equipment offers. We can also follow up the internal gutter clean with and external gutter steam, restoring your gutter to it's pristine original state.
  2. uPVC Framework and Glass
    Our products offer a professional finish to soiled uPVC and glass
    Environmental conditions and UV light can contribute to a deterioration in the condition of your UPVC frames. Clark & Daniels' specialist products restore UPVC to a finish as near as new as possible, depending on the amount of soiling, it also protects from future damage.
  3. Driveway & Patio Sealing
    There are many types of driveway surfaces across the UK and and like any external surface a driveway will soon look dirty if left to deteriorate without any aspect of maintenance taking place.
    To ensure our customers receive the best driveway cleaning service possible, we have driveway cleaning agents who can clean, restore and seal any of the driveway surfaces listed below: Block Paving Pattern Imprinted Concrete Tarmac & Asphalt All Natural Stone Surfaces Paving Slabs All Concrete Surfaces Crazy Paving & York Stone
  4. Steam Cleaning / Patio & Driveways
    Steam Cleaning offers a more favourable form of cleaning. Working at variable pressures and temperatures, dependent on the surface to be cleaned, the doff system produces longer lasting results.
    Steam Cleaning is more and more prevalent in today's household, but has been part of industrial cleaning for years. The system cleans surfaces of all organic matter and in the process kills the spores that can lead to a rapid return to soiling. We can achieve temperatures of up to 150°C and variable pressure setting dependant on the surface and soiling.